Who is Asco Pompe

Asco Pompe is an Italian company founded in 1956 that in more than 60 years of activity has established itself mainly as a distributor of volumetric pumps produced by world leading companies for their know-how and quality.
Over the years it has experienced rapid and constant development both in the number and in the diversification of the products marketed by introducing new goods such as industrial valves and process instrumentation and acquiring the ability to produce and design peristaltic pumps in complete autonomy after the acquisition of t Valisi pompe.
With the aim of constant growth and using the skills and experience gained over the years, Asco Pompe has also been structured to provide engineering and manufacturing services for engineered systems and water treatment technologies, as well as technical assistance for spare parts and after sales maintenance.
Asco Pompe is therefore now able to respond to most of the applications related to the fluid handling by proposing functional and optimal solutions in all the industrial sectors.



Asco Pompe has a great team of qualified and competent technicians who, thanks to decades of experience in the fluid handling and constant and direct contact with the various manufacturers, is able to select and offer the best products available on the market in order to guarantee a complete service aimed at customer satisfaction.
Thanks to all the organizational, management and strategic activities, Asco Pompe provides its customers with precise and timely deliveries. The three warehouses are always supplied with finished products and spare parts and thanks to an advanced information system and bar code system, the incoming and outgoing material is managed automatically.
The operating philosophy of Asco Pompe has always been based on customer satisfaction; for this reason, it is able to offer a series of “customer oriented” services, such as the supply of spare parts, service & repair, routine and unscheduled maintenance, commissioning and start up field supervision regardless if domestic or internationally.

Asco Pompe integrates a multidisciplinary team of engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of products and systems for the industry. The group is able to provide customers with personalized advice and support; from analysis and preliminary engineering, management of purchasing activities and planning of production phases to the final steps of assembly and functional testing.
Through an approach focused on attention to detail and compliance with the most stringent European and international standards Asco Pompe is in a position to ensure the success of projects and compliance with operational performance.
Asco Pompe has invested in a state-of-the-art production area with devisions dedicated to the different processing stages: welding stations, alignment workshops, areas dedicated to CNDs, large specific areas for mechanical and electro-instrumental assembly, performance tests. The staff periodically take part in training and safety courses to guarantee high quality finished products and to keep the various qualifications up-to-date (ASME-EN Weldments, UNI – EN ISO – ASME Non-Destructive Testing)


Asco Pompe not only wants to be an innovative manufacturer and supplier but also a present and competent partner able to guide the customer in the various stages of collaboration along the most efficient and effective path.
Economic results of the company are are based on quality of products, reliability, technology, better performance, innovation and optimization of the service offered.
The company is constantly working to increase the level of trust , considering the customer as the key element of every strategic action.


Asco Pompe pursues its own mission of fundamental values such as INTEGRITY, which manifests itself both in compliance with the law, with the ethical code, as well as in the constant use of a transparent institutional communication; the GROUP SPIRIT that applies both within the company, where each individual employee is part of a team that works together to achieve the objectives, and outside, where the company has been able to weave a network of Stakeholders (suppliers, customers) and collaborators) aimed at promoting the professional growth of individuals and the competitiveness of the company system; ATTENTION TO PERSON that is achieved both by professional maturity and in solidarity towards employees in times of difficulty; ENVIRONMENT thanks to the constant effort to minimize the impact that the production and management activities have on the environment; raising awareness among all workers so that they pay attention to environmental problems as an integral part of their daily life and use renewable and sustainable energy sources.


Asco Pompe adopts Quality Management System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, as a tool to pursue continuous improvement.
The company’s commitment to ensure the quality of its work and its products is oriented not only to the customer, but also to the staff, the territory and to the community where it operates. The quality control system adopted encourages the involvement and participation of all staff in order to ensure effective and efficient processes.
Asco Pompe has implemented an UNI ISO 45001:2018 certified Health and Safety Management System by an accredited body.
The main aspects of the system are: respect for safety, hygiene in the workplace and the fire prevention. The continuous commitment to improvement is oriented to the personnel who daily live within the company and respect for the territory and the community where the Company operates.
Health and Safety Management System encourages the involvement and participation of all internal and external personnel and is constantly updated in order to ensure its functionality.