Service Division is one of the strenghts of Asco Pompe. Thanks to the great experience achieved by Asco specialists in the industrial pumps field, the Service Division is able to recondition every type of Pump, not only the pumps supplied by Asco Pompe. In addition, in order to increase the reliability and plant productivity, Service Division carries on studies and researches for each component, analyzing functionality and proposing the most efficient technical solution.


Below a list of equipment which typically Asco Pompe Service Division is able to work on in terms maintenance and checks:

  • Volumetric pumps
  • Single-stage centrifugal pumps in horizontal and vertical execution
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Electric motors
  • Gear Boxes, Reducers and Regulators
  • Industrial fans
  • Agitators
  • Compressors
  • Volumetric meters…


Advanced diagnostics techniques allow the analysis of the operating status of the machines: for example, the use of an electronic analyzer complete with a management program to control vibrations and conditions of the bearings. The purpose is to predict and prevent any machine malfunctions, making it possible to optimize the performance and increase MTBM


The team is composed of highly specialized people in the mechanical sector, able to carry out the overhauling and maintenance of rotating machines and industrial machinery, both at our facilities and directly on-site.


A very frequent activity: on-site technical assistance, disassembly, transportation to our workshop, repair, installation, laser alignment, vibration monitoring, certification of the performed activity. Other activities normally performed:
Testing and monitoring; Pre-commissioning and commissioning; Check-ups of rotating machines and components; Unification of seal systems and “re-charging”


Maintenance & Service Plan identifies the problems before they come up, avoiding unpleasant and often very expensive machine stops. The service, regulated by an annual contract, provides for a periodic monitoring of the plant/system and of the individual equipment, the processing of the collected data and the analysis of the times and methods for ordinary maintenance. In this way it is possible to plan on time the supply of necessary spare parts, date of maintenance and the equipment required.