Automatic Polymer Preparation Units

Polyelectrolytes are organic substances normally used as water solutions to remove particles (by coagulation and flocculation process) in both municipal and industrial water treatment plants. The Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units are designed and manufactured to automatically prepare polyelectrolyte solutions with a required concentration, in order to optimize the consumption of polyelectrolyte.

Polyelectrolyte Preparation Tank

  • Total capacity from 500l to 6000l for standard models, customization on request
  • Materials: AISI 304 and HDPE
  • Internal shared tanks up to 3 sections
  • Polyelectrolyte concentration adjustable by the control panel
  • From two up to three single/double impeller mixers
  • Ultrasounds level transmitter for process control

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    Production capacity up to 12.000 l/h
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    Adjustable polyeletrolytes concentration
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    Temperature: +5°C +40°C

Loading system

  • Powder / emulsion feeding and combined version
  • Powder hopper from 50 to 100 liters
  • Powder anti-condensation system with adjustable thermostat
  • Minimum powder level switch
  • Emulsion loading by static mixer and peristaltic pump / diaphragm

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    Hopper capacity: 50 – 100 l
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    Powder / Emulsion
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    Anti-condensation thermostat

Water Line

  • Material PVC and brass, Stainless-Steel on request
  • Integrated pressure adapter with filter
  • Turbine minimum flow transmitter
  • Inlet water control solenoid valve
  • Sprinkle nozzle

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    PVC / Brass / Stainless Steel
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    Flow transmitter
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    Pressure reducer

Control Panel

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Integrated PLC
  • LED synoptic panel
  • Local/remote switch

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    Integrated PLC
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    Local Switch / Remote