Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The pharmaceutical chemical industry uses the most modern technologies and imposes high standards of quality, productivity, safety and precision. Asco Pompe has products that are distinguished by wide availability of materials (metal and plastic) with high resistance to chemical agents that together with the simplicity of cleaning and operational safety and are suitable for the processing of pharmaceutical and medicinal products.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are important raw materials for the major world economies. For this reason high operating and safety standards are imposed in the extraction and refining plants. Asco Pompe offers products in compliance with the most stringent performance standards required by this sector, designed and built to work in harsh environments under extreme conditions that characterize the various phases of the production chain of hydrocarbons and derivatives.


Food processing imposes high standards of hygiene and quality. Process integrity, conformance of formulas and product reliability are fundamental preconditions in food technology. Asco Pompe offers the best products for handling and measuring food fluids, which are characterized by ease of cleaning, hygiene and certification for food applications (FDA).

Water Treatment

Drinking water is a precious and basic food for humans. The experience of Asco Pompe, in the purification of industrial and household waste water, guarantees the supply of treatment systems that include the most sophisticated technologies on the market. Particular attention is dedicated to the search for the best performance, to cost benefits and energy savings as a priority objective. The wide range of products distributed by Asco Pompe guarantees the development of complete solutions in the field of waste water management.

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is a competitive sector, characterized by productivity, profitability, risk reduction and good environmental management. In this sector, optimal operation and maximum reliability are essential not only to guarantee processes but also to protect people and the environment. Asco Pompe is able to meet these criteria thanks to the widest range of volumetric pumps available on the Italian market.


The ceramic industry has a series of very complex applications for volumetric pumps: extremely abrasive liquids with solid particles and high temperatures. Asco Pompe is the leading supplier in this sector thanks to pneumatic diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps and PIC valves. All these products offer ease of use and maintenance, an initial competitive cost but above all operating costs among the best in the market.


Electricity production is an industrial sector where process efficiency and reliability, emission control and safety requirements are key factors. Regardless of the energy source (crude oil, coal, natural gas, water or renewable energy) Asco Pompe is able to provide support in every part of this sector, thanks to 50 years of experience and an extensive range of products and systems designed for power generation plants.


To improve and control many industrial processes it is necessary to use particular chemical additives. The dosage of these substances must comply with stringent criteria of precision and accuracy to ensure efficacy and control. Asco Pompe is able to provide support and expertise in this field. Asco Pompe’s dosing solutions include high precision and accurate metering pumps available with different types of control and reliable Dosing Systems, designed and manufactured to cope with any application and market need.


To meet the performance and precision requirements of the industrial market, Asco Pompe offers innovative products and systems with high hydraulic efficiency. Thanks to over 60 years of experience in the sector, Asco Pompe is able to guide the customer towards standardized or customized solutions that are reliable and safe, suitable even in difficult conditions, typical of many industrial processes.